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As the metaverse unfolds, it offers new methods to connect and exist outside of our physical selves. What implications might this have after our physical bodies pass away? How do we make sense of our social and material relationships in physical space vs. virtual space? Is there some form of continued existence we can embed in the metaverse? If VR offers us a glimpse into these worlds, how can we move away from the insularity and single-player mode that it usually affords? 


Gallery-goers were invited to respond to the above questions by drawing and writing, which was then uploaded to a collaborative virtual environment, resulting in an act of generative meaning-making and collective conjuring. The aim of the project is to explore, through iterative and collaborative performance, emergent understandings of virtual embodiment, consciousness, and the digital afterlife.

MetaEternity was created by T Braun, Ayodamola Okunseinde, June Bee & Zelong Li

With text, cello, and reading by germ lynn

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